Finding The Balance

Just a quick update.

My son is now 3 months old (how time does fly!) I feel like I’m getting into the swing of things with this whole mom life! I’m still tired and by no means do I think its easy, but it sure is rewarding; seeing him develop and reminding myself, “wow I actually gave birth to this beautiful babbling baby, with his long body and big brown eyes that melt my heart when I look into them!” (sorry getting side tracked! which happens a lot now that he is here and demands so much from me which makes it a little tricky to focus and physically do stuff! its a lot harder to carefully draw/paint/write and not wobble when holding a wriggly baby that doesn’t want to be put down! anyway what was I saying?)

I’d love to get this business really going so I can contribute towards getting a house, provide for my son and continue to spend precious time with him, not having to suddenly separate from him for long stints to go to work when my maternity leave is up.

so I’m trying to find the balance. The balance between investing in a new business and entertaining & teaching a growingly inquisitive child that’s just so cute! Whilst also remembering I’m a wife, I have a loving husband that I want to care for too! Then there’s all the other stuff that isn’t just stuff, its important stuff; family, friends, rest, play….oh and bills and other adulting things.

Well I guess we spend our lives trying to balance all these things. But when focussing on balancing the stuff…it makes me lose sight of the one I can give all those plates to balance for me….

musings over best get to work whilst the little one sleeps..

Gender reveal sign – It’s a Boy!

It was so much fun to use my skills and announce to the world that we are expecting a bouncing baby boy next year! I decided to upcycle a battered old mirror frame I had and turn it into a lovely announcement plaque! I went with white and gold letters and a slate grey almost blue background to really make the font pop. The finishing details were celebratory bunting and simple stars to surround the golden boy!

Yes, this was for a baby announcement but I could see this style/colour scheme easily being used for a wedding or any celebration! I thoroughly enjoyed bringing it to life and I hope you do too! let me know what you think!

Announcement signs